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Full-Service Countertop and Cabinet Disposal

Remodeling your home or business? Junk Removal Plus can help you clear the way for your new decor. We offer countertop and cabinet disposal services in all 50 states. Our vetted contractors will remove your countertops from your building or pick them up from the curb. Schedule countertop and cabinet disposal with Junk Removal Plus today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQs: 

Does Junk Removal Plus uninstall cabinets? Yes, we uninstall cabinets and countertops for in-home pickups. 

How do you dispose of kitchen cabinets? You can get rid of old cabinets or countertops by leaving them on the curb for us to pickup. We can also uninstall them for you if necessary. 

Can I drop off old cabinets at the curb? Your local waste management company likely won't take your cabinets, but you can leave them at the curb when you hire Junk Removal Plus. 

Can I remove countertops myself?  While possible, it's difficult to remove countertops on your own. You'll need the right tools for the job, especially when removing heavy stones like quartz or granite. Junk Removal Plus' contractors have the tools and skills to safely remove any countertop. 

How should I throw away kitchen countertops? Your local trash collector won't pick up your countertops, so you'll have to take them to a landfill yourself. Or, the experts at Junk Removal Plus can haul them for you.

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Get Rid of Old Countertops and Cabinets With Junk Removal Plus

Giving your home or office a new look is always fun, but preparing a space for new decor is a lot of work. You have to remove and dispose of those old cabinets or countertops before you can put the new ones in place. If you’re like many homeowners or office managers, you’ve got so much on your to-do list already. 

Junk Removal Plus removes old cabinets, countertops and other features when you need a hand. Schedule removal with us to have our contractors come to your building, take down your cabinets or countertops and haul them away. We also offer curbside pickup if you’re able to remove your cabinets or countertops yourself. 

Choose Junk Removal Plus to get rid of:

  • Laminate countertops.
  • Stone countertops.
  • Sinks.
  • Kitchen cabinets.
  • Wardrobes.
  • China cabinets.
  • Hutches.
  • Dressers.
  • Filing cabinets.
  • Pantry shelves.
  • And more.
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How It Works

Booking cabinet or countertop disposal with Junk Removal Plus is as easy as it gets — just follow these steps:

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1. Request a Quote

Use our website to tell us the items you need us to remove. We'll give you a zero-obligation quote on the spot. If you have bulk cabinets or countertops to get rid of, we'll schedule a Zoom call so you can show us what you have and we'll quote you accordingly.

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2. Schedule your appointment

We'll show you a calendar with our availability for the next one to 90 days. You'll pick your preferred date along with an ideal timeframe — morning, afternoon, evening or all day. Our contractors are available 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

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3. Choose your pickup method

We offer in-home and curbside pickup, so choose the option that works best for you. Please uninstall your cabinets and countertops prior to your pickup time if you choose our curbside option.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

With an average rating of 4.62 from over 1,036 reviews, 89% of our customers highly recommend us!

Terri Carvjal

"The young men were fast, efficient, and very friendly. Great service at a great price. We would definitely use this service again!"

Eileen Connor

"Excellent website, phone information including estimates, and actual pickup. At every phase the service was great!"


"The team arrived on time, were carefull to remove everything to ensure no damage, did the work quickly and professionally---coudn't ask for more!"

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What We Take
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Used Furniture

Mattresses, Box Springs, Couches
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Old Appliances

Refrigerators, Washers & Dryers, Stoves & Ovens
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...and more!

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Junk Removal Plus offers the best way to remove old cabinets and countertops, so book your appointment online today! 

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