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Full-Service Old Grill Removal From Start to Finish.

When you're done using residential and commercial grills, you must dispose of them properly. However, the size, shape and components might make it difficult for the average person to do so alone. 

Junk Removal Plus can help remove grills from homes or restaurants quickly. Whether you're moving, closing up shop or want to replace your current grill, our team is ready to help with removal services.

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Advantages of
Professional Old Grill Removal

Homeowners and restaurant managers need a safe, easy way to remove grills when it's time to upgrade or move. Whether you have a few small grills for the home or something much larger, it can be challenging and potentially dangerous to move on your own.

You also need a suitable truck or trailer to help you take it from the property and knowledge to dispose of it properly. With Junk Removal Plus, our team handles everything from loading the grill to taking it to the disposal, donation or recycling center. Other benefits of choosing our team include the following.

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Indoor and Outdoor Pickup

Depending on the grill type, you may need help removing it from indoors or outside. Our team can help with either option as needed.

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Upfront Removal Costs

Once you send a picture of your unwanted grill, we respond with a quote you can count on with no surprise charges down the road. 


Earth-Friendly Disposal

At Junk Removal Plus, we care for the environment, so our team is more than willing to help you donate or recycle a grill in good condition. We'll also ensure any other grills make it to the proper disposal channels following all local guidance.

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Flexible Removal

Our team can handle small residential grills, large commercial ones or anything in between.

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Disposal, Recycling and Donations

Our team gives you a greater say in what happens to your unwanted grill. Junk Removal Plus can donate items in good condition to charitable organizations of your choosing, or we can recycle them. If the grill can’t be recycled or donated, our team knows how to properly dispose of them in the most suitable way for the environment.

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About Our Grill Haul Away Services

Junk Removal Plus prioritizes low-contact disposal services to help increase your safety. In fact, with outdoor pickup, you don’t even need to be on the premises. Our team also provides digital payments and avoids touching any belongings you don’t want us to remove from your home or business.

We can haul away numerous grill types, including:

  • Gas grills
  • Hibachi grills
  • Charcoal grills
  • Smokers
  • Commercial grills
  • Outdoor built-ins
  • Barrels
  • Rotisseries
  • Flattop grills
  • Propane tanks

If you’re unsure if your grill fits one of these descriptors, just ask our team — we can take almost any type of grill, including ones that aren’t listed here. We also accept other items you no longer want, such as furniture, electronics or boxes.

Check out our full room cleanouts to get more items hauled away. Whether you want tons of items removed or just a few, our team will help you get the right disposal services.

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How to Work With Junk Removal Plus

Partnering with Junk Removal Plus for unwanted grill removal makes the process more efficient and safe for everyone involved. All you need to do is follow our three-step process.

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1. Request a Quote

Start by taking a picture of the grill you want us to remove and send it through text or online. The quote you see is what you pay, no questions asked, and you can do this step without meeting with anyone on-site. 

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2. Choose a Pickup Slot

Set a pickup timeframe that fits in with your schedule and preferences. You can trust our team to arrive within that time block to get your old grill.

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3. Let Us Handle the Rest

Whether you plan indoor or outdoor pickup, you can continue the rest of your day as planned. If you need to be at work, watch your kids, finish cleaning your home or open your restaurant, go right ahead while we get your grill.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

With an average rating of 4.62 from over 1,036 reviews, 89% of our customers highly recommend us!

Terri Carvjal

"The young men were fast, efficient, and very friendly. Great service at a great price. We would definitely use this service again!"

Eileen Connor

"Excellent website, phone information including estimates, and actual pickup. At every phase the service was great!"


"The team arrived on time, were carefull to remove everything to ensure no damage, did the work quickly and professionally---coudn't ask for more!"

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Used Furniture

Mattresses, Box Springs, Couches
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Old Appliances

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...and more!

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Need Fast BBQ Grill Disposal? Contact Junk Removal Plus

Put your faith in reputable, insured contractors to remove old grills from your property. Our high-quality and convenient services give you a safe way to dispose of various types of grills or other items from your home or business.

Send us a picture, schedule a pickup time and let us take care of your grill. Get started by texting photos of your unwanted grill to 678-884-4739 or contacting us online.

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