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Full-Service Cleanout After Eviction From Start to Finish.

Evictions are sensitive situations that can result in work for the property owner. If you recently evicted a tenant or plan to in the future, you may have a mess to clean up with little time or staff available for the job. 

Junk Removal Plus assists landlords and property managers by providing eviction cleanout services nationwide. We'll send a local team to your building for cleanup duties, so you can focus on filling and maintaining your properties. Our experts will throw out what needs to go, recycle anything eligible can and donate what they can. 

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How Our Eviction Cleanout Service  Work

Clearing a unit after an eviction is easy with Junk Removal Plus. Here's how our process works:

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Submit an online form or send us a text with an image of your former tenant's cluttered rental unit. We'll reply fast with a comprehensive price estimation. 

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Pick a time for our contractors to clear your property. We schedule between one and 90 days in advance, and same-day appointments are available in some situations. 

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Either leave unwanted items at the curb or invite our crew members into the unit to gather everything that needs to go. 

Restore Your Property

As a multifamily home or apartment complex owner, your units are your greatest assets. It's critical to fill vacancies and keep them full, but former tenants can complicate those processes. 

When an evicted tenant leaves behind a mess, you'll have to work hard to get the unit back to a rentable state. You can maximize your time by hiring Junk Removal Plus for eviction cleanout. 

From our competitive prices and flexible scheduling options to our network of experienced contractors, we have what it takes to make your cluttered vacant rental the eye-catching asset it should be. Our team will be there to remove anything from a leftover sofa to an entire spread of furnishings and junk. 

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What We Collect

Your former tenant likely filled your rental unit with all sorts of belongings, and Junk Removal Plus can take it all. We deliver items to the safest disposal location, whether it be a landfill, recycling facility or donation center. Items we move from rental units include:

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Hoarding Cleanup After Eviction

Some former tenants leave bigger messes than the average renter. If you find yourself with an apartment containing decades’ worth of clutter, our hoarding cleanup teams can set things straight. We haul items in bulk to safe, eco-friendly disposal sources. Skip the hassle — leave post-eviction hoarding cleanup to our experienced, insured contractors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQs for more on our eviction cleanup services:

How soon can Junk removal Plus arrive?

We book eviction cleanup appointments up to 90 days in advance. 

How long does eviction cleanup take?

Small pickups take a few minutes, while larger projects may take an entire day. 

How much does eviction cleanup cost?

Our prices start at $85 and vary with the items or project severity.

Why partner with a professional company?

The professionals at Junk Removal Plus can get rid of former tenants' belongings quickly and at a cost-effective price point. Plus, we have the resources to provide ongoing support for your abandoned rental properties. 

Safe, Eco-Friendly Junk Disposal for Landlords and Property Managers

Getting unwanted junk out of your rental unit fast is crucial, but so is finding a safe place to take everything. Simply dumping all your former tenant’s junk in a landfill is a quick solution, but it isn’t the best for the environment. Many of the articles your evicted tenants left behind can find a new life through recycling or donating.

At Junk Removal Plus, we have connections with recycling facilities and nonprofit organizations in all 50 states. You can count on us to find environmentally friendly destinations for salvageable items after an eviction. We’re also happy to take donations to your preferred organizations.

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Ongoing Eviction Cleanout Services

If you manage numerous rental units or properties, evictions become more regular. Rather than finding a disposal company every time an evicted tenant leaves something behind, choose Junk Removal Plus as your go-to helper. We can coordinate with you over time to ensure a quick resolution whenever there’s junk to remove from your property.

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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

With an average rating of 4.62 from over 1,036 reviews, 89% of our customers highly recommend us!

Terri Carvjal

"The young men were fast, efficient, and very friendly. Great service at a great price. We would definitely use this service again!"

Eileen Connor

"Excellent website, phone information including estimates, and actual pickup. At every phase the service was great!"


"The team arrived on time, were carefull to remove everything to ensure no damage, did the work quickly and professionally---coudn't ask for more!"

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...and more!

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Navigating eviction is a part of owning a rental property, so work with Junk Removal Plus to handle messes former tenants leave behind. We offer competitive prices, upfront quotes, flexible scheduling, eco-friendly disposal and convenient pickups from insured professionals. You can request a quote online or text a picture of the mess to 678-884-4738 for an estimate.

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